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8 out of 10 golf coaches encourage a straight lead arm through the swing because it gives you greater ball control through the air with longer, straighter shots. The StraightShooter™ builds muscle memory for a perfectly straight lead arm at the critical times of the swing pattern, sending the ball soaring straighter, further and more consistently than you thought possible.

Our Founder


Michael Middleton

Founder / Inventor Of StraightShooter

Now with 25 years of playing under my belt, I know how hard it can be to consistently hit accurate shots.

One weekend you’re connecting perfectly and getting great distance, the next you’re mishitting and taking big divots adding 2-3 strokes per round…

… and being stressed by your performance in front of your buddies!

Being an average golfer, I was constantly asking myself how I could improve my game.

Over time I applied my background in Functional Anatomy, Biomechanics and Psychology to develop and improve my own golf swing.

Soon after, I discovered the greatest lesson of all:

The Pro’s get consistency by using a ‘straight lead-arm’ at critical times in their swing pattern.

Easier said than done, which is why I invented The StraightShooter™ – a brand new training aid designed to correct your swing and develop muscle memory so you can consistently hit balls cleaner, straighter and further than ever before.

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Our Testing

We have done the research with the professionals and they have proven that StraightShooter™ is a great success and innovation in golf.


Our Parent Company

Simplified Sports Logo

Simplified Sports (SSPL) was set-up in 2007 by SSPL’s Managing Director, Michael Middleton, to formalise Research & Development activities associated with sporting activities identified as possibly needing improvement.

Middleton has qualifications in Human Movement / Biomechanics, Education, Psychology and Ergonomics with over 40 years’ experience in applied sports coaching, education and workplace design and improvement. Here, also, think playing golf as ‘work’ for professionals.

By utilizing a ‘creative approach’ to studying selected sports activities, Middleton has designed and implemented a number of coaching devices. These have reduced the learning time required for skills acquisition and enabled the learner to improve the performance and enjoyment of their particular sporting activity.

Specialist support personnel have been engaged, over time, to help refine the design and application of training aids – so far for cricket and golf. Other devices and applications are already in mind for future development.

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