Straighter Shots.
Less Stress.
More Enjoyment.

Straighter Shots.
Less Stress.
More Enjoyment.

What Is A StraightShooter?

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How Does It Work?

See the StraightShooter in action and learn how it changes your swing.


The StraightShooter™ really works!

Our customers are now reporting on average a 12% improvement in distance and 82% improvement in accuracy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to our most common questions are found below.

See our ‘SIZING GUIDE’ above …. where you order your StraightShooter.

Instructions come with your purchase, and once you have learnt how to fit the SSTR it should only take you 15-20 seconds.

BEFORE you start swinging – It is critical that you position the two tensioned rods at the back of the Sleeve, close-to and ‘snugly’ – one on either side of your elbow point.

Our Testing to date shows that you are likely to get approx. 50,000 ‘swings + folding of arm at elbow’ before any noticeable wearing occurs.  

Treat your SSTR like you should treat your ‘mum’ and you may get many more than 50,000 ‘swings’ out of your purchase?

Our research shows that most people will be excited with what SSTR can do for their ‘swing’ results, and may become enthralled by using it over, and over… even several times a week.  It is recommended that you gradually build up the amount of time that you use SSTR.  See instructions that come with your purchase for ways to use SSTR.

So SSTR becomes your own ‘personal coach’ – use it where/when it suits you!

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Scientifically Proven To Improve Your Golf Swing!

New swing aid scientifically proven to increase your accuracy by up to 82% in under 30 minutes of use! A scientific study has proven the efficiency of StraightShooter™ as a training device* along with hundreds of happy customers who won’t practise without it!

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