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Simplify your swing with StraightShooter, the flexible lead-arm guide that improves distance, accuracy and consistency. If you are frustrated by a lack of improvement and poor consistency, StraightShooter is for you.

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Anecdotal evidence has always been strong –> pro’s love it, club golfers love it, beginners love it. Now studies are backing up what they say –> StraightShooter works!

Percentage of golfers who showed improvement (measured as the difference between ‘pre-guide use’ and ‘after-guide use’):

  • Club Speed: 80% Showed Improvement
  • Club Face To Path: 55% Showed Improvement
  • Smash Factor: 60% Showed Improvement
  • Ball Speed: 70% Showed Improvement
  • Spin Rate: 75% Showed Improvement
  • Spin Axis: 55% Showed Improvement
  • Carry: 70% Showed Improvement
  • Side: 63% Showed Improvement
  • Height: 65% Showed Improvement
  • Landing Angle: 65% Showed Improvement

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